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Biography PhotoDavid Denison

Until his retirement in 2012, Mr. Denison, age 63, served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Pension Plan, or CPP, Investment Board (an investment management organization) from 2005 to 2012. Prior to that, Mr. Denison was President of Fidelity Investments Canada Limited (a financial services provider). He has also has held a number of senior positions in the investment, banking, asset management and consulting sectors in Canada, the United States and Europe. Mr. Denison serves as Chair of the board of Hydro One Inc. and Vice-Chair of Sinai Health Systems (a provider of healthcare services). He is also a member of the Investment Board and International Advisory Committee of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, a member of the International Advisory Council of the China Investment Corporation, the World Bank Treasury Expert Advisory Committee and the University of Toronto Investment Advisory Committee. Mr. Denison also served as past Chair of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance, a group of large institutional investors formed to promulgate governance standards and practices for Canadian public companies. In addition, Mr. Denison currently serves on the board of directors of BCE, Inc., Bell Canada and Royal Bank of Canada Limited.